API of iTunes and Play Store Apps

API service that provides information on millions of iOS and Android apps. With the help of our API, developers like you can query our API for current data on any app that exists within the Apple iTunes or Google Play Store.

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Android and iOS App Data

We collect app data from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store and display it in an easy to parse JSON API feed.


We provide the exact URL to the icon image of every iOS and Android app.


All text is displayed in an easy to parse format saving you the hastle.


We continue to check the price of every app in our system on each API request.


We verify all version information is current before we display the data.


The direct URL to every current screenshot is included in every request.


Reviews are collected and displayed in an easy to parse text format.

Device Compatibility

Updated upon every request, we display the most current device compatibility information.

and More

We display many other data points including language, app developer information, and more.

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Direct Mobile App Data

Whether Google Play or Apple iTunes, we offer the same consistent public data across both platforms.

Google Play Store API
Apple iTunes API

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